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Merging Print Advertisement with the Internet

One hundred years ago, the world revolved around newspapers and magazines were just starting to become an advertisement bonanza. Families would sit around the breakfast table on the weekends and pore through the daily news, clipping coupons and reading the funnies. At night, parents relaxed next to the radio flipping through their favorite magazine. If you wanted to be known in the local market, you needed to advertise in these venues. It could take you from small business to nationally known corporation.

Now the world is moving in a different direction… the internet. Does this mean that newspapers and magazines are a waste of time? Definitely not! Families still read the newspaper and magazines have become even more important to our daily business lives. But you still need to take advantage of what the internet can offer your print advertisement efforts.

A great result of these efforts has been the print to web campaign. This campaign gives you an eye-catching print advertisement that displays an ad specific URL. Interested clients go to this URL which includes more information and a contact form.

Behind the Scenes

On the back-end of the campaign, metrics should be collected and reports should be created to let you know the success of your print to web campaign.

This will give you vital information that will help you design your next advertisement. Was the design bold and appealing? What part of the country drew the largest response? Is there a section of the country you are advertising to that appears to be a lost cause?

A report that lists the cost per click of each publication will help you to pinpoint the ads that give you the greatest amount of success. An added bonus is that this will also help you to better understand your advertising demographic.

One of the largest benefits of print to web is that you can print the same advertisement in many different publications and, by making a small change to the URL, you can track the success of all of these campaigns. This will save you money on design time and let you concentrate on what matters most… sales!

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