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Your Website is Your Best Employee

Imagine an employee who performs multiple roles for you — PR, branding, lead generation and customer communications to name a few. Now imagine this employee works 24 hours a day and never calls in sick. With a well-planned and properly designed website, that’s exactly what you get… a round-the-clock virtual employee to further your company’s growth.

You deserve the kind of website that makes customers say “wow” and “thank you” at the same time. The “wow” part comes from an attractive web design that enhances your company’s brand. The “thank you” part comes from quality content and ease of navigation.

But let’s not forget other important factors in a good internet presence. A fast loading website (24 seconds or less on a 56K connection) is gaining significance in the online world. Many think that to have an attractive website, you have to have one that takes a long time to load. This is not true. Web designers who really know their trade can build an online presence for you that is fast and appealing to the eye.

>> What is the load time of your website?

Also take note that most sites are moving away from the graphic heavy design and towards sites that contain text menus and no flash or animated gifs. This will ensure that your site can be crawled easily by search engines and will be better on the eyes of those who are visually challenged. This may seem like small potatoes to your current clients, but what about your current clients in 10 years? And don’t forget about new clients that may choose you over your competitors for the sole reason that your site was easy to use!

Internet marketing companies such as Intra-Focus, Inc. give you these things and more through their web development and design services. Not only do they have many years of experience, but they also continue to follow trends and learn about new technologies and internet guidelines. As an added bonus, you can use Intra-Site which helps you to manage incoming web traffic, customer communication and lead generation!

The Ideal Website Design Process

Before Intra-Focus designs a single element of a website, they actively get to know you and your organization. They do this through a combination of conference calls, survey questionnaires, and in-person meetings. What is your company all about? Who is your audience? What sets you apart from the competition?

Any good design company wants to hear you describe these things in your own words. Armed with this information, they can design a website that will enhance your company’s brand and help you achieve your objectives, while still presenting your site with today’s internet standards in mind.

If your web design company hasn’t been focusing on the items mentioned in this article, then there is a good chance that you are using someone who is behind the times. Approach them with your concerns. If they don’t seem troubled or cannot fix the problems, it is time to create an internet marketing relationship elsewhere.

Have questions or need a quote on a website build? Contact Intra-Focus today and ask about their corporate web design and internet branding services.

How to Make Your Website Stand Out

How to Make Your Website Stand Out
Published in the AMA Bulletin
by John Wilkinson, JH&A Advertising

Today the Internet hosts over 92,000,000 websites. How can you make yours stand out while displaying your products or services in the most compelling light? Here are some tips from an industry expert that will help you build a better site that effectively communicates your message.

Robert Cowesvisit northern rail is an expert at creating websites that spotlight products and drive success. He most recently worked at S1 Corporation as the Web Technologies Product Manager and is co-founder of the consulting firm, Intra-Focus Marketing Solutions.

According to Cowes, a successful site considers six critical elements: audience, objective, layout, navigation, content and imagery. It is important for web-based marketers to understand who will be using the site and for what purpose. “People surf the web to research, learn and purchase products. Content addressing these three topics is crucial,” said Cowes.

When a potential customer or client visits a site, they should be greeted by an intuitive “master plan” or site map. A >site map helps visitors quickly and easily navigate to the information they are looking for.

Well thought-out navigation helps create a positive experience for the visitor. Highly visible headers and simple icons should smoothly guide the visitor from page to page. In addition, rotating content not only gives marketers a chance to share more information, it keeps visitors interested and informed. Finally, relevant imagery reinforces your company’s
brand positioning and messaging. “An analogy is a store front,” Cowes explains. “As with retail, your window dressing helps customers decide whether they will enter or pass you by.” Encourage browsers to stop with interesting graphics that complement your brand, enhance your image and provide valuable information not readily available elsewhere.

cranes pond brandingSo you’ve made some website improvements, but how can you know if they work? Consider a call to action. Requesting a response makes recording site traffic easier. For example, a toll-free number and an e-form are useful tools. Ask your visitors, “How did you hear about us?” or “Do you have any comments?”

Eventually, there should be a correlation between the number of page views your web site receives and the number of inquiry forms submitted.

By carefully considering your audience and objective, you can create content, imagery, a layout and a navigation system tailored to their needs while also improving product awareness. Next month there will be over 96,000,000 websites. Are you achieving your fair share of visits?

About Intra-Focus

Intra-Focus is a full-service marketing company that integrates art and technology to deliver traditional and Internet marketing solutions. Leveraging marketing expertise and trend setting creativity, Intra-Focus helps its clients build brand strategy and market presence that generate qualified demand and quantifiable results. Intra-Focus provides innovative marketing solutions to businesses ranging in size from start-up to Fortune 500.

For more information on Intra-Focus’s marketing services, please contact: Robert Cowes Products & Services Principal